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Our staff

The staff at Julia Creek State School are committed to providing a quality education experience for all students. The school has three teaching staff including two classroom teachers and principal. The auxilary staff consists of four teacher aides, administrative officer and a cleaner.

We also have adopt-a-staff members. The delivery of our social skilling program is supported by our adopt-a-cop, Dave McNab and adopt-an-ambo, Jess and Sam Brind. They form part of the Blue Light Committee and plan civil responsibility lessons on a fortnightly basis.

The school chaplain provides pastoral care for our students. Angie works at the school two days a week. She helps deliver the social skilling program, attends sporting carnivals and organises special events. 

  • Barb Humphries

    Barb Humphries

    Barb Alloway is a teacher aide at Julia Creek State School. Barb works full-time in the junior classroom.

  • Christine Gahan

    Christine Gahan

    Christine Gaham teacher Prep to Year2 class

  • Dave McNab

    Dave McNab

    Dave McNab is our trustworthy adopt-a-cop.

  • Natalie Wyld

    Natalie Wyld

    Natalie Wyld is our fabulous cleaner.

  • Sam and Jess Brind

    Sam and Jess Brind

    Sam and Jess are our adopt-an-ambo combo.

  • Sharyn Currin

    Sharyn Currin

    Sharyn Currin is a classroom teacher at Julia Creek State School.

  • Sylvia Crawford

    Sylvia Crawford

    Sylvia Crawford is one of our teacher aides. Sylvia also delivers computer studies and library lessons.